Track Movement

De omschrijving van deze Mechanic op is:

Pieces are moved along a linear track (not necessarily straight - it may turn, curve or loop). Examples include classic roll-and-move games of the Backgammon or Pachisi variety, or contemporary board games such as Lewis & Clark: The Expedition or Viva Topo!. This may include simple branches such as Tokaido or Jamaica, and tracks with limited width as is typical of racing games such as: Flamme Rouge, Downforce, or Monza.

Hieronder vind je alle spellen met Track Movement als mechanic:

Nr.SpelEigenaarMin.SpelersMax.SpelersSpeelduurOntwerpersUitgeverJaar Uitgifte
1Flamme RougeBerry2 445 Asger Harding GranerudStronghold Games2016