Push Your Luck

De omschrijving van deze Mechanic op boardgamegeek.com is:

Games where you repeat an action (or part of an action) until you decide to stop due to increased (or not) risk of losing points or your turn. Press Your Luck games include both Risk Management and Risk Valuation games, in which risk is driven by the game mechanisms and valuing how much other players value what you also want, respectively. This mechanic is also called push your luck.

Hieronder vind je alle spellen met Push Your Luck als mechanic:

Nr.SpelEigenaarMin.SpelersMax.SpelersSpeelduurOntwerpersUitgeverJaar Uitgifte
1De Kwakzalvers van KakelenburgWietse2 445Wolfgang Warsch999 Games2018
2DistilledRon1 5150Dave BeckPaverson Games2023
3RaGert-Jan2 560Reiner Knizia999 Games1999
4TobagoWietse2 460Bruce AllenThe Game Master BV2009
5Vasco Da GamaRon2 4120Paolo Mori999 Games2009