Action Points

De omschrijving van deze Mechanic op is:

In Action Point (AP) Allowance System games, each player is alloted a certain amount of points per round. These points can be spent on available actions, until the player does not have enough remaining to "purchase" any more actions. This method grants the player greater freedom over how to execute his or her options.

Hieronder vind je alle spellen met Action Points als mechanic:

Nr.SpelEigenaarMin.SpelersMax.SpelersSpeelduurOntwerpersUitgeverJaar Uitgifte
1HanzestedenGert-Jan2 590Andreas Steding999 Games2009
2HaspelknechtGert-Jan2 490Thomas SpitzerQuinted Games2016
3JavaWietse2 4120Michael Kiesling, Wolfgang KramerRavensburger2000
4PhotosynthesisWietse2 460Hjalmar HachBlue Orange2017
5Railroad TycoonRon2 6120Glenn Drover, Martin WallaceEagle-Gryphon Games2005
6TikalBerry2 4120Michael Kiesling, Wolfgang Kramer999 Games1999
7Tinners TrailGert-Jan3 490Martin WallaceQuined White Goblin Games2008
8TorresGert-Jan2 460Michael Kiesling, Wolfgang KramerABACUSSPIELE1999
9WallensteinRon3 5150Dirk HennQueen Games2002