Take That

De omschrijving van deze Mechanic op boardgamegeek.com is:

Maneuvers that directly attack an opposing player's strength, level, life points or do something else to impede their progress, while usually providing the main engine for player interaction in the game. Usually used in card games. Mille Bornes is a good example. Munchkin or Give Me The Brain! could also be considered to use variants of this mechanic, where single unforeseen card plays can cause huge swings in player progress or power.

Hieronder vind je alle spellen met Take That als mechanic:

Nr.SpelEigenaarMin.SpelersMax.SpelersSpeelduurOntwerpersUitgeverJaar Uitgifte
1DominionRon2 430Donald X. Vaccarino999 Games2008
2Dune: ImperiumRon1 4120Clay Brooks, Brett Nienburg, Raul Ramos, Nate StormDire Wolf2020
3ImaginariumGert-Jan2 590Bruno Cathala, Florian SirieixDream Factory2018
4Imperial Settlers: Empires Of The NorthWietse1 490Joanna Kijanka, Ignacy TrzewiczekWhite Goblin Games2019
5Terraforming MarsRon1 5120Jacob FryxeliusFryxGames2016