De omschrijving van deze Mechanic op is:

This mechanic requires you to place a bid, usually monetary, on items in an auction of goods in order to enhance your position in the game. These goods allow players future actions or improve a position. The auction consists of taking turns placing bids on a given item until one winner is established, allowing the winner to take control of the item being bid on. Usually there is a game rule that helps drop the price of the items being bid on if no players are interested in the item at its current price. In most games, once a winner for one item is done, if there are more items to be bid upon, another auction is held for those items. The process repeats until a game condition is met or items are exhausted in the auction phase of the game.

Hieronder vind je alle spellen met Auction/Bidding als mechanic:

Nr.SpelEigenaarMin.SpelersMax.SpelersSpeelduurOntwerpersUitgeverJaar Uitgifte
1Amon RaGert-Jan3 590Reiner Knizia999 Games2003
2CubaGert-Jan2 5120Michael Rieneck, Stefan StadlerThe Game Master BV2007
3DemetraGert-Jan2 490Richard BreeseQWG2007
4El GrandeRon2 590Wolfgang Kramer, Richard Ulrich999 Games1995
5FeliniaWietse2 460Michael SchachtAsmodee2010
6FunkenschlagGert-Jan2 6180Friedemann Friese2F-Spiele2001
7GenuaBerry2 5120RĂ¼diger DornRavensburger2001
8GigantenWietse3 490Wilko ManzKOSMOS1999
9HermagorRon2 5120Emanuele OrnellaQuined White Goblin Games2006
10LancasterRon2 560Matthias CramerQueen Games2011
11MorgenlandGert-Jan3 590Richard Breese999 Games2000
12OperaRon2 490Hans van TolThe Game Master BV2009
13Planet SteamGert-Jan2 5120Heinz-Georg ThiemannFantasy Flight Games2008
14RaGert-Jan2 560Reiner Knizia999 Games1999
15Railroad TycoonRon2 6120Glenn Drover, Martin WallaceEagle-Gryphon Games2005
16Rails of EuropeGert-Jan2 5120Glenn DroverEagle-Gryphon Games2008
17ShogunGert-Jan3 5150Dirk HennQueen Games2006
18SkyeWietse2 550Andreas Pelikan, Alexander Pfister999 Games2015
19StrasbourgRon3 560Stefan FeldPegasus Spiele2011
20TikalBerry2 4120Michael Kiesling, Wolfgang Kramer999 Games1999
21Tinners TrailGert-Jan3 490Martin WallaceQuined White Goblin Games2008
22VanuatuGert-Jan2 590Alan EpronQuined Games2016
23Vorsten Van FlorenceBerry2 5100Wolfgang Kramer, Richard Ulrich, Jens Christopher UlrichQuined White Goblin Games2000