Variable Phase Order

De omschrijving van deze Mechanic op is:

Variable Phase Order implies that turns may not be played the same way as before and / or after. Using Puerto Rico as an example, every turn is different. Depending on who starts selecting the roles and what roles they take, you may have to play the 'build' action sooner than you'd wish. In other games, you may be denied from taking certain action. Most games with limited action and any game without a static game turn order fall under this 'mechanism'. Use of variable player turn order are not Variable Phase Order games.

Hieronder vind je alle spellen met Variable Phase Order als mechanic:

Nr.SpelEigenaarMin.SpelersMax.SpelersSpeelduurOntwerpersUitgeverJaar Uitgifte
1CarnegieWietse1 4120Xavier GeorgesQuinted Games2022
2CubaGert-Jan2 5120Michael Rieneck, Stefan StadlerThe Game Master BV2007
3ImaginariumGert-Jan2 590Bruno Cathala, Florian SirieixDream Factory2018
4OperaRon2 490Hans van TolThe Game Master BV2009
5ShogunGert-Jan3 5150Dirk HennQueen Games2006
6VanuatuGert-Jan2 590Alan EpronQuined Games2016
7WallensteinRon3 5150Dirk HennQueen Games2002